Wednesday, May 16, 2012

409 Days Between Reflections on Talents

This is the last entry related to my running of the first Sole of the City 10K in Baltimore. Those who have read this blog for a while may recall that on April 25, I discussed Luke's version of the story of servants being given coins. One did nothing and was not rewarded. I had reflected on Matthew's version of the story earlier. In fact, it was exactly 409 days earlier. As I thought about the fact that I had reflected on both, it lead to my last numerical "tie in" with the race. I chose verses Job 40:9 and Psalms 40:9.

First, Job:

"Have you an arm like that of God, or can you thunder with a voice like his?"

Simple--reminder that I am nothing compared to God. I must try to live like God's Son, Jesus. I must try to emulate his loving, his caring, his sinless nature. But no matter how fast I run. No matter how much I write. No matter how many classes I teach. No matter how many committees I serve on. No matter how many years I teach Sunday school. No matter how long I play with the worship band at church. I am still very, very small compared with God. And that focusing on God's will is the way to go.

Now, Psalms:

"I delight to do your will, my God; your law is in my inner being!"

One last reminder, that God is in charge--or at least should be in charge in my life. My moral compass. My guide in the wilderness of modern life. The one whose way I hunger for. One last reminder that God should be my focus--when I run, during Lent, today, every day.

Can't wait to see where my next run takes me spiritually and in my Bible study.  I suppose I could reflect a bit on Operation Oliver.  And then I have three more events in the next month.  

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