Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating that Christ is Risen

I don't usually write two entries in one day.  I just have a quick idea for another entry and I'll count this as tomorrow's.  At mass today, Father Sam Lupico commented on how today is the last Sunday that we celebrate the Easter season--in other words the last Sunday that we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead and being with his disciples until the Ascension.  He commented on how the celebration of Jesus's rising seems to come and go on Easter Sunday itself.  He contrasted this with his experience in at least one Greek Orthodox church in which they were still greeting each other with "Jesus is risen" even this week.  I thought about this observation and my blog.  I spent a lot of time preparing for Easter and then have left it behind.  Part of the reason is the simple fact that I have needed to return to some other things that didn't occur as I spent a lot of time working on the blog each day of the Lenten season.  But, I have felt compelled to get back to it.  I miss the focus on my spirituality.  I don't know if other's share this issue--that so much effort is spent preparing for Easter that once it is here it is hard to keep up the celebration.  But Father Sam made the point that the joy of the Resurrection should continue.  So, I will probably write shorter entries, but my goal will be to get back to more entries.  More entries that force me to bring my spiritual health back into focus as much as my physical health all year long.  

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