Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bib Number 806--linking me up to Psalm 80 verse 6

Psalm 80 verse 6 in the New American Bible Revised Edition reads:

"You have fed them the bread of tears,
made them drink tears in great measure."

A footnote says that the "them" could be replaced by "us"  Either way--it is a stern warning not to turn your back on God.  That could be interpreted as "don't live your whole life as if God didn't matter".  It could be "don't let your life slide and forget about God for a while."  Or, following up on Fr. Sam's comment from Sunday and the verses form yesterday, "don't spend some of your time worrying a lot about God and then other times acting as if he had no role in your life whatsoever."

It is interesting to me that I chose the verses from Isaiah that I wrote about yesterday and the verse from Psalms that I wrote about today, long before Fr. Sam's homily on Sunday.  I am just getting around to writing about these now even though the 10K that inspired them was nearly a month ago now.

It is another sign that I should always be vigilant.  Alway be seeking God's grace.  Always, always, always. Not just sometimes.  Not just occasionally.  Not just during some seasons of the year.  All seasons.  All times.  All days.  God is always there.  God should always be my strength.  Lent should be an extension and expansion of that expression--not a totally separate time that is the source of a lot of focus that I then look away and catch up on other things.

God calls me every day.

I hope to live up to that call every day.

Tomorrow will be the last day of blogging with numbers inspired by the 10K.  

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