Monday, April 16, 2012

Scones and Smiles

Apricot Scones made on Saturday Morning
Before a 6:30 Run!
This morning, the local Christian Rock (or "positive hits") station asked "what made you smile this weekend?"  There were actually many things that made me smile, but the answer I gave had to do with apricot scones.  (See the picture!)

I made these early on Saturday morning, took a few with me when I met a friend to run just after sunrise by the reservoir, and shared the remainder with my family.  Everyone liked them.  My running friend called them delicious.

The answer I gave this morning was something about the smiles on everyone's faces when they tried these.  Apricots, butter, cinnamon and sugar on top.  What more could you ask for?

I also commented that I could not think of a way to celebrate God's bounty, the gifts of nature God has given us, the gift of health God has given, and the gifts of inner and outer beauty.

As for the gift of God's bounty--well, the food is an obvious link.  And it was enjoyed by all.  And I appreciate just how much effort it takes to make these.

As for the gift of nature--the apricot comes from nature and the run by the reservoir with for over the reservoir, the sun coming up over the horizon, the trees, and the hills was amazing.

As for the gift of health--I would not be running 12 miles at a 7:33 pace up and down hills with a friend if I were not healthy.  And really healthy by the choices I make.  The free will God gives and the capacity to be strong and fast.

Finally, the gifts of inner and outer beauty.  My wife's reaction--it earned me a thankful kiss!  My kids' smiles.  My friend's smile.  The beauty of family relations.  The beauty of friendship.  The strength of all the relationships brought together by food.

If food was good enough to bring Jesus and his disciples together in many stories, then there is no reason not to think that it is good enough to bring people I know together for spiritual togetherness and happiness. 

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