Friday, April 6, 2012

1-2-3 Loyalty!

Yes, this morning's title looks like a team cheer in kids' sports.  All three of my kids' sports activities (most prevalent for the youngest but the older two each did some) particularly at the YMCA ended with a cheer.  For them it was usually "team work".  Back on My Feet gatherings also end that way.  When we have all city gatherings, we usually just cheer "Back on My Feet!" after the serenity prayer.  Each team usually ends the workout after stretching with a cheer.

As the coach who most often leads stretches for the Christopher's Place group, I am also the one who usually calls the group to "bring it in" afterwards. Today, that gave me yet another opportunity to bring together my physical exercise interests with my spiritual healing from Sheba passing.

When we were done stretching today, I first made sure that there were no milestone awards to give out.  The resident runners get awards after completing various numbers of miles of running.  Then, I made sure there was nothing else to celebrate--for example on Wednesday we celebrated April birthdays and had some homemade brownies.  On that day we just cheered "Happy Birthday".  Then, I called everyone in.

Most days, when I try to figure out what to cheer "on 3," I'll just get a sense of the group.  Or something will come up.  The "Happy Birthday" example is an obvious one.  When a resident runs really well or gets a job, we'll cheer for him. When I qualified for Boston, my team cheered "Boston".  Occasionally, I'll have to ask for suggestions.  Usually they don't require much explanation.

Today, I told my team that I had a request.  I explained (for those who didn't know) that we'd buried Sheba earlier this week.  Then, I commented on how loyal she was (as most dogs are).  Then, I added that there is an incredible sense of loyalty to the organization and among members of the organization among participants in Back on My Feet.  So I asked my team to cheer for loyalty "on 3" and they gladly did.

It was a feeling of empowerment.  My heartache could be turned into a joyful and uplifting moment for the group.  And the sense of loyalty is certainly shared.  A sense of what anyone in the organization would do for another.  From joining the other on a run to a hug to attending a ceremony of relevance for those members who are trying to get back on their feet.

With loyalty comes a sense of being "all in".

And that is how an end of workout team cheer this morning helped me to continue on my way to spiritual healing this week.   

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