Sunday, April 29, 2012

Living the Word

Short entry tonight--I think.  At mass today, our priest commented that many Catholics in America listen to the word at mass and process it a bit but don't get excited about it and don't necessarily work that hard to live it.  He made reference to the reading about the stone that the builders rejected is now the cornerstone.  Having Jesus as the cornerstone of our lives--with the opportunity for resurrection--should be something exciting.  It is a wonderful thing that should move us.

While I won't judge my fellow Catholics, I do want to comment on one thing.  My blog is my way of getting excited about my faith and living the word.  My blog brings me to Word in the Bible in ways that nothing else in my life has.  My desire to put together my fitness, my religion, my service, and my community has been a blessing beyond anything I ever could have imagined.

We can debate whether I send too much time on it.  Some may say so.  But I read on someone's Facebook page just today--those things we really want to do we will find time for.  Those we really don't--we'll find excuses for.  I think my actions show me the importance I have found in finding ways to link to my faith that make it real.  That make is something that is alive for me.  That make it something I live with and grow with and hope to grow even more with over time.   

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