Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bib numbers and Bible verses for a friend

OK. My interpretation of my bib number though God's word began last year when my number for the marathon came up as 1313 and I was looking for something other than a double unlucky interpretation.

Since then, I have posted interpretations of several bib numbers and even a 2-mile time based on God's word. It is mostly an exercise in reading the Bible with a purpose and thinking of applying the Bible to my day-to-day life--which is how we should be able to apply it anyway. This just makes it a bit more fyn.

Tonight, a friend asked how to interpret her bib number: 2162. A friend already posted on my Facebook page one interpretation. A good one at that--2 John 1:6,2.

However, I'll offer something a little different. If my knowledge of Baltimore's running culture serves me well, my friend is running the Baltimore Women's Classic. So, I will offer an interpretation that reflects on the power of women of faith.

I don't know my friend's denomination. I'll quote from the King James Version that you can find online. My wanderings through the Word and pondering of the Word led me to quote from Genesis starting at 21:6 and reading for 2 verses.

Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” And she added, “Who would have said to Abraham that Sarah would nurse children? Yet I have borne him a son in his old age.”

This celebrates life. This celebrates bringing life into the world. This celebrates doing amazing things as we age. This celebrates the amazing things that we can do when we place our faith in God. This celebrates how our lives can have an amazing impact on others as we live our lives in faith. This celebrates celebrating with others.

Many of these themes would be just right for any race or even any training. Starting with the last item--celebrating a celebrating with others. Every team practice does this. We all enjoy being together and we all gain strength from each other.

Second, amazing things that we can do as we place our faith in God despite our aging bodies. This illustrates the difference between aging and growing old. It illustrates how we can do things we never thought when we place our faith in God. And just finishing a race is an amazing thing.

Third, our lives having impact on others. When we run we relate to and challenge others in all sorts of ways. I am blessed to challenge others by setting a pace. Every teammate can challenge another to do his or her best. To be all that he or she is meant to be. To show a happy face. To cheer teammates on.

Fourth, the celebration of life. Running is live giving. Running is life enhancing. Running makes those who do it feel SO alive!

Finally, and an incredible tie in for the Baltimore Women's Classic, this celebrates bringing life into the world. What an appropriate verse for a race that celebrates women's health and women's accomplishments.


  1. Love it Kevin! Not my bib number, but that verse & your reflection is a great one for me. I started running 4 years ago in the Baltimore Women's Classic training program. It was my first athletic venture ever (other than the occasional aerobics class) the age of 43. Running that BWC 5K was the most empowering thing I've ever done & sparked my love for running. When I'm not running (like now due to this blasted plantar fascitis) my psyche suffers. Running is definitely life enhancing!

  2. Cool story. I got back into running 5 1/2 years ago after I gained 10 pounds in the year after my third child was born. Back then is was just to get back into shape. Now, I couldn't do without it and plan to continue (and to continue to shoot for getting back as much of what I once had--in my teenage years--as possible). The thing that amazes me most about running is the paths it has led me down outside of fitness. When I first decided to go back out and take off a few pounds, I never would have dreamt of blogging about bib numbers and Bible verses and meeting so many cool and talented people!