Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Makes Running Great

My past four runs illustrate so well why running is so enjoyable.

On Saturday, a guy named David showed up out of nowhere and I had the opportunity to run with someone who is a lot faster than me. Runs like that have always served to help me get better. I suppose at age 41 I may not not much "getting better" ahead of me but at least "staying as good as I'm going to get". God giving me just who I need just when I need them in my running development.

Sunday was a day off--no run--just rest and fun with family on Mother's Day.

Monday was a Back on My Feet morning. We did three easy miles and I took off a bit at the end. It was a nice way to blow off steam and a great way to share the process of the taper with the Back on My Feet resident and non-resident participants who are going to run in Delaware on Sunday. It was a great feeling of togetherness, particularly as the whole group stayed together most of the time.

Tuesday was a wonderful track workout. One last time, the coach, John, showed why he is such a good coach. Throughout the 12 or 13 weeks of training he has run with me some of the time. He went with the group with which I ran on all three of our runs around the track--one lap, two laps, and three laps. He helped me to be what he referred to as an "on pace machine". I have never been good at pacing in the past, but I think I may finally have a better handle on it. And the coach has helped amazingly. It was a great way to share a last track group run with friends I've made and gain from the coach's wisdom and experience. Another phrase he used is "doing it by the book".

Today was a day on which I could have run with Back on My Feet. They were tapering a little more quickly than I am. That is logical as they have prepared for a marathon and worked their bodies very hard while I have only prepared for a half marathon. So, today, I ran alone for five easy miles and the last two were very comfortable and at sub-race pace.

Running with one person. Running with a group. Running with a great coach. Running alone. Each has its own beauty and wonder.

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