Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Very Short Thought on "Precision" Running

I never had a good sense of pace when I ran in high school. It is one of the reasons that my best mile ever was in the qualifying heat for the 1987 county finals rather than the finals!

So, Thursday morning, I had a great run as my last “hard” run before the half marathon on Sunday. It was a slow half-mile at the start and the conclusion with three “tempo miles” in between. I ran all three tempo miles under 7:20 with the first at 7:18 and all three feeling wonderfully strong. I think I may have finally reached a point at which I don’t have to look at the watch as much each mile but I can feel that I am running about what I planned to run.

Now, the key is to take all the preparation and all the effort and make sure that I run the pace I plan to run or all 13.1 miles on Sunday.

There’s a lot to do this weekend. This is just one component. I hope to enjoy the entire weekend and all the events and put them all in perspective as I enjoy my own running, my family’s activities, and experience at church.

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