Sunday, May 22, 2011

Perfect (Almost) Run

This was a wonderful morning for a run. The temp was not "cool" but it wasn't too warm either. Low humidity. I didn't get out until 6:30 so the sun was up but it wasn't a scorching sun. And, I had it in my head to run 12.3.

Well, I did, and I kept my average pace under 8, although that my pace was all over the place.

I actually didn't look at my watch all that often. Perhaps after last week, the key is that as long as I can have a feel for a sub-8 pace, I should try not to look at my watch so often.

It just felt so right.

But, I am starting to feel aches and pains of heavier training. And it is only the start of the marathon training season.

So, what did I learn last year that can help me now?

(1) Stretch more. It takes a while, but I have to be meticulous about it.
(2) Strengthen more. It has been a long while since I have been at the gym. I really need to get back to abduction/adduction stretching.
(3) Take it easier on long runs for a while--have to remind myself the long runs are for the miles and not so much for the speed, yet.
(4) Cross train. There are so many ways to cross train, but I have not taken them for a while. I definitely have to do either exercise biking, rowing, or elliptical at least once a week.

With the right combination of smart training, I'll be fine. I just have to be pro-active about the entire thing. Then, I'll be able to feel as wonderful as I felt this morning for most of the marathon when the time comes.

I should add that today was a great run that didn't require me to go to the NCR trail, the area near Charm City Run, or Loch Raven Reservoir. All those places are great and running with others is great. But today it was just me (with God at my side) running a course I know inside and out in the city and the part fo the county closes to home and just feeling good.

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