Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Few Thoughts on a Week with Time Off

After running the half marathon on Sunday, I came out for a workout on Monday morning. It was a nice morning for a workout. And I really wanted to hear how my fellow runners in Back on My Feet Baltimore--Christopher's Place had done on their runs over the weekend. Everyone had done great on Sunday and there was much joy to be shared among the members of the group. Just about everyone went for a three mile run. I was fine for a bit over two miles; then we had to run uphill. For anyone who has ever been to Baltimore and driven on Charles St from the Inner Harbor area to Mount Vernon, you know how much of a hill this becomes. My muscles finally said, "There is a reason we wanted to rest on the massage table as soon as you were done yesterday." So, I slowed down and completed the run at a slightly easier pace and promised myself no more running until Friday. It is only Wednesday and my legs are wanting to move, but I am going to hold to my idea to wait until Friday. I feel God's pleasure when I run, but I also believe that God wants me to become the best person I can become and finds pleasure in that. For that to happen, I need to balance rest and running.

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