Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pushing Through

I haven't felt like I did on my run this morning in a long time.  Just not quite right.  Just not excited about the run.  And not able to keep anything near the pace I'm used to.

I'm at a hotel waiting to make a presentation later today and then head back to Baltimore.  I look forward to the presentation.  I look forward even more to being back.

What caused my lack of being "into" it this morning?  I don't really know.  It could have been the harder run than I planned yesterday morning.  It could have been the walk from 30th Street Station to Penn's Landing when I got in last night.  It could have been not enough food or not enough hydration between leaving Baltimore and going to sleep last night.  It could have been not enough sleep.  It could have been too much stress.  There are a lot of things it could have been.

It doesn't matter what caused it, though.  I must press on.  And I must decide whether to continue pressing on.  What is running about?  Exercise?  Proving myself?  Feeling good?  Socialization?  Serving God?  Hopefully all of the above.  But as I struggle to keep all my priorities in my family's life, my spiritual life, my physical life, and my work life in order, it is sometimes hard to figure out.

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