Thursday, January 26, 2012

Turning Inward

So, I haven't written in a while.  I haven't posted much on Facebook lately.  I haven't run with others much lately.  At least two of my new year's goals already seem blown out of the water--no balance at work, just a whole lot of work.  And very little time with friend--not even running and I'd said I was hoping for some non-running activities.  What have I done other than work?  I've been reading to my seven year old.  I've been upholding time with my seven year old.  I've been spending more time with Sherry--so trying to enjoy the second half of the 20th year of my marriage by taking some ballroom dance lessons.  And, my reference to the title of this entry, I have made sure that I hit all my "critical" workouts (the long, perhaps slow, distance run each week; the tempo run; and the track workout).

Why is that important?  I've written before about how my running changed from something for me to something for others.  It still is for others in some ways.  I've been running with Back on My Feet as much as I can.  I help as a training coach.  But, otherwise, I have missed multiple weeks of running track workouts with my friends.  I haven't run a long (perhaps slow) distance with anyone in a long time.  And, I never run tempos with anyone.  On top of that, I've run on the treadmill quite a bit lately.  All of it focused on one thing which has nothing to do with anyone else but has everything to do with me--can I qualify for the Boston Marathon.  And with a secondary focus--can I get a little time to myself to think about something other than work?  I still love to run with others and hope to get back to running with others a lot in the very near future.  But, for right now, running is serving my purposes.  Fitness.  Stress reduction.  Time to lose my mind in numbers.  All are good.  All are part of my personal (but not very spiritual--aside from believing that God is smiling when I run fast) well-being.

And I hope that all that seem to signify turning inward for a little while are a percursor to turning back to running and being with others again to make a positive impression on others.  

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