Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recap of 2011 Resolutions and Looking Ahead to 2012

2012 Resolutions
At the close of another year, I find myself exploring what I wrote for resolutions last year and what I need to resolve to do this year. Here is a recap of my 2011 resolutions and whether I have made much progress:

(10) Have a plan for well-being rather than just a plan for career success and a plan for running in the future. This will include yoga, sleep, my spiritual self, and other aspects of self-maintenance.
Update: did pretty well on just about all things other than yoga. That came and went and really should come back again. We’ll see.

(9) Improve my times for the 5K, half-marathon, and full-marathon.
Update: Yes, yes, and yes. Two wonderful marathons. One tough half marathon for competition. My times at each distance came down. Got a couple of age group awards and one overall second.

(8) Raise money for cancer through running the Maryland Half Marathon and the Baltimore Marathon again.
Update: Success. The book I completed for #7 also helped.

(7) Finish and continue writing projects.
Update: Continued blogging. Finished short novel #1. Didn’t sell that many but it did help with fundraising for #8.

(6) Better choices at work.
Update: some but more improvement still needed.

(5) Spend more time with friends in person rather than just online.
Update: if my running friends count, I did this quite a bit this year. And why shouldn’t they? One improvement would be a group of friends that are mutual with Sherry. That may come over time.

(4) Improved parenting.
Update: All I can say is, some days, I’m not so sure.

(3) Face issues at home and at work head on.
Update: Some things have remained on hold far too long.

(2) Share my cooking with more people in person rather than just in online pictures.
Update: Some improvement but there are still a lot of pictures and not so many live and in person sharing events.

(1) Spend even more time with Sherry--sooner or later the kids won't be there and we'll need to be there for each other forever. Whether it is movies, coffee, lunch, or dinner there are so many ways for us to spend time together.
Update: We managed two short vacations just us this year and have one longer one coming up for our 20th anniversary. So, not necessarily having time for just us as often as the previous year but there is an interesting set of tradeoffs here.

New Resolutions for 2012
(10) Continue to implement a plan for well-being that includes financial well-being. For no part of my well-being should I assume that things will always “just work out”. Not matter how long that my have been the case, it is not likely to last forever.

(9) Run a sub-20 minute 5K and qualify for the Boston marathon. As my running has improved, so has the specificity of my goals.

(8) Continue my involvement with Back on My Feet. This is a fundamental change in where I am placing my efforts to use running for something beyond running. I loved all that I did with and all that I got from involvement in fundraising for two cancer-related charities. But I have turned all my running attention to Back on My Feet.

(7) While this could go under the well-being heading of #10, I want to integrate pieces of “the arts” into what I do including more reading (because one way to write better is to read more), continue blogging, continue other writing, and perhaps even get back to writing a bit of music.

(6) Better balance of responsibilities at work. This isn’t even so much a “work-life” balance but just making sure that my work itself is balanced.

(5) Hang out with friends more in situations other than running. I love making friends through running but running is not always the best time for socializing. Multi-tasking by trying to combine fitness and friendship works but not entirely.

(4) Help my children become all that they can be. This, of course, involves parenting. But it also importantly involves looking at what skills and talents my kids have and trying to bring these to fruition. As my kids get older it is more about them and less about me and my parenting.

(3) Take the serenity prayer ever more seriously. We say this at every Back on My Feet run and most other events. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Some add, “God’s will, not ours, be done.” I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing what I can’t change. I have to improve a little at taking opportunities to change the things I can.

(2) Continue to share my cooking. Enough said.

(1) Enjoy the second half of my 20th year of marriage and the first half of year 21. It has been an incredible nearly 20 years. I hope we share 20 more.

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