Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Best Mile in a Long Time

At this morning's Back on My Feet Team Christopher's Place workout I ran just one mile. That is unusual for me, but as I balance my physical and spiritual well-being it was exactly the right thing to run. I am still recovering from yesterday's double red cell blood donation. My arm is fine. I am plenty awake. I am just a bit run down.

But that run down feeling did not dampen my spirits as I went for my short run. I joined the four newcomers to Team Christopher's Place for their welcome mile. It had been a while since I had been out on a morning for a welcome run. The four new guys struggled, but they made it through. That alone was uplifting. Seeing the guys reach goal #1 of their participation in the running activities of Back on My Feet. I didn't say this straight out--but it really doesn't matter how strong the first mile is. What matters is that you come back for a second!

And it was also uplifting to see another teammate who had struggled through his welcome mile just three or four months ago be there to encourage them. He stayed with them the whole time. He encouraged them the whole way. His big voice. His warm heart. It was great.

And also we had a new non-resident member this morning. He had been a photographer at the recent Back on My Feet Baltimore Bash. Another statement of how the organization touches so many people's lives and is something that many people who like to run at all and who are exposed to it even once are interested in finding out more about and joining.

So, a great way to start of a chilly and windy late December day on which we will celebrate the seventh birthday of my youngest son! It was the best one mile run in a long, long time.

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