Sunday, December 18, 2011

Black Eyed Susan

So, why does a blog about physical and spiritual well-being have the title, "Black Eyed Susan"? Well, the day after I wrote about focus, I found myself first doing exercise of a sort that I hadn't done in a long time (swimming) rather than my usual running (so not focused at all) and then much of the remainder of my day was spent with stuff related to church. Sunday school--the Christmas program came off really well. Mass. Even had burritos with tortillas that were made from neither only flour nor only corn but a recipe spelled out in Ezekiel 4:9 including millet, spelt, wheat and other grains. So, now, my faih is even tied to my food...

But the reference to Black Eyed Susans came from mass. Our church just got new statues of Mary and Joseph. Our priest told us that Mary usually holds a bouquet of lillies. The lillies apparently represent virginity. The black eyed susans remind us that we have to bring the ideals of Christianity--what Jesus taught us and what Mary exemplified into todays worth. Faith is not just something we read about. Faith is not just theory. My faith--and the focus int should bring--should be a present reality for me.

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