Thursday, September 29, 2011

It had Nothing--or Everything--to do with Running

My social networking friends and followers may be tired of hearing about my tempo runs on Thursdays (a constant when I am running with a Charm City Run group) ut at least they are used to seeing the posts. Today, I did not post. Why?

Well, today's run was functional rather than excellent. The last two weeks were excellent runs--when I hit average paces of 7:01 and 7:02 over seven miles of fast paced runs.

This week was functional. All miles were below the average pace I hope to keep for the marathon. All but the first mile was below the pace I hope to keep for any 10K during the marathon--unless I have a whole lot left for the last 10K. The second three miles in total were faster than the first three--so, I ran negative splits. The last two miles were the fastest. None of that is bad. It is just functional.

First lesson learned--humility. When I get 4 hours of sleep two nights in a row it is hard to run an excellent tempo runs. I have to understand my limits.

Second lesson learned--humility (yes, again). When the twelve preceding days included an 18 mile run during which I ran one of the fastest 13.1 mile segments I'd ever run, Yasso 800's, an excellent tempo workout, a twenty mile run around the city, and a track workout of 3/4 mile repeats that I ended with a 4:39, there is a limit to what I can do. That is why we taper.

Third lesson learned--humility (still, again). I could say it has nothing to do with running. I didn't have a strain, a sprain, an ache, or a pain like I had at this time last year when I could barely run and spent most of my time resting. On the other hand, I have to admit that it has almost everything to do with running--the reason I have been up so late the past two nights is the commitment I've made to running. It is why I am so looking forward to the marathon. Due to the commitment I am ready to run. Due to the commitment I need time to move on to other things for a while.

Through and through--this is a time for humility to remember that there is only so much I can do in so many ways. To thank those who give me the chance. To thank those who run with me. And to thank God for the blessings I have received.

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